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"Helen is brilliant and completely passionate about the power of oils in your everyday life.  Highly recommend." TJ

I have chosen to partner with dōTERRA because they produce pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  These are sourced in the most ethical and sustainable way by creating longterm empowering partnerships with the local growers where the plants are grown respecting their natural environment.

I completely believe and have seen the results that using these essential oils can achieve.  They support myself & my family by reducing the toxins which are introduced into our home and our lives, they can provide physical & emotional support and they smell divine.

Pure plant magic!

Please get in touch for a 1:1 or group consultation in how to access & use these beautiful oils.

The most cost effective way to introduce these essential oils into your life is with an enrollment kit, some of these are shown below.  I can also put together a personalised package or individual oils just for you or feel free to look at my dōTERRA page.

"Helen is an Aroma Goddess!" JC

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What Do I Use?

I’m often asked about the diffuser and essential oils I use in my yoga classes, in my Reiki sessions and during EcoNidra.  So what do I use?  My trusty diffuser is my dōTERRA Pilot, it is charged on the USB and will fit in the cup holder of the car.  I use this in all of my offerings.


The essential oils I use change as the seasons change, recently in my Yoga classes I have been using Green Mandarin, Lemon, Wild Orange & Grapefruit, these citrus essential oils are joyful & uplifting, they help us to be flexible & adaptable, bring a sense of perspective and lemon is sunshine in a bottle!  All perfect oils for Spring.   During Reiki sessions I often use Frankincense, the King of Oils and Balance blend for calming & tranquility.  And lately during EcoNidra I have diffused Vetiver during the session to help ground us.

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dōTERRA Family Essentials Kit.

The perfect way to get started with Essential Oils from dōTERRA.

Kit includes:
Lavender • Lemon • Peppermint • Tea Tree • Oregano • Frankincense • Deep Blue™ • dōTERRA Air™ • ZenGest™ • dōTERRA On Guard™

• dōTERRA Essentials Book

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dōTERRA Aromatouch™ Diffused Kit

Enrol with this kit to experience a variety of essential oils that can also be used for the AromaTouch Technique

• Balance™ • Lavender • Tea Tree • dōTERRA On Guard™ • AromaTouch • Deep Blue™ • Wild Orange • Peppermint

PLUS Additional Products
• Fractionated Coconut Oil (115 ml) • Petal Diffuser • dōTERRA Essentials Booklet

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dōTERRA Kid's Collection

A unique collection of essential oil blends designed with little ones in mind! Formulated specifically for developing minds, bodies, and emotions, these easy-to-use essential oil blends feature unique combinations therapeutically balanced to provide powerful benefits while being gentle on delicate skin.

Brave  • Calmer  • Rescuer  •  Steady  • Stronger  • Tamer  • Thinker


dōTERRA Essentials Booklet

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dōTERRA Home Essentials Kit

This superb Essential Oils Kit contains the following Certified Pure Tested Grade Essential Oils: (15 ml each)
Frankincense • Lavender • Lemon • Tea Tree • Oregano • Peppermint.

PLUS - Essential Oil Blends: (15 ml unless otherwise noted)
dōTERRA Air™ • Deep Blue™ (5 ml) • ZenGest™ • dōTERRA On Guard™


Petal Diffuser • dōTERRA Essentials Booklet

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Together Kit

The dōTERRA together Kit is designed to bring people together through the power of nature. Share Mother Earth's precious gift of essential oils to help you to achieve a better space. This kit has everything you need to turn any professional, public or communal space into an essential oil haven.

Kit includes:
Lavender • Lemon • Peppermint • dōTERRA On Guard™ • Eucalyptus • Lemongrass • Wild Orange • Green Mandarin • Citrus Bliss • dōTERRA Adaptiv • dōTERRA Balance • dōTERRA Motivate

• dōTERRA Essentials Book • dōTERRA Laluz Diffuser • dōTERRA Logo Engraved Wooden box

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